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We love where we live...

and we love what we do!

Our two-bedroom home is designed with the intention of creating a welcoming calm and a unique guest experience.

Inspired by Nature, Created to Nurture

We have been on-the-move a lot over the years. There were both international and local moves, as well as extensive worldwide travel for extended business. And there were times when we needed a temporary home during a disruptive reno, and that in-between time after the sale of our home. 


We realize that some moments in life are stressful, and being in transition can be one of those times. 


The White House is designed with years of 'interim home' living experience. Our focus is to create an interim home that we would have loved to have found — with an elegant balance of natural materials and quality comfort details. We value a welcoming calm during times of transition. We also recognize that sometimes, one simply needs a relaxing experience in a peaceful and beautiful location.

Our focus, intention and passion

  • LOCATION: We love this neighbourhood, and we enjoy walking to accessible amenities in James Bay, being close to the ocean, Beacon Hill Park and downtown Victoria. It's simply a wonderful lifestyle location!

  • HEAVENLY SLEEPS: We believe that sleep comfort and quality bedding make a lasting imprint. It is wonderful to enjoy good sleeps when you’re away from home. Sleep comfort is extremely important to us, and we have carefully chosen a natural luxury bed with premium bedding and linens for heavenly and healthy sleeps.

  • QUALITY + COMFORT: Quality and comfort make an impact on the enjoyment of one's stay experience. We designed and created our suites with carefully chosen natural materials and quality comfort details. 

  • KITCHEN: We love cooking! In our travels, it was rare to find a kitchen that had quality cooking materials and accessories. To this end, our kitchens have been thoughtfully planned with quality tools for the cook-in-you to truly enjoy creating your own meals.

  • PARKING: One off street parking spot.

  • OUR INTENTION: To create a relaxing and unique 'home' experience!

We look forward to welcoming you

White House

Government Street, Victoria, BC


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